4. Inspection and Sampling Objectives

1. Describe pretreatment facility monitoring and inspections and their importance; how to schedule, prepare, and perform inspections following approved safety procedures; and using appropriate QA/QC procedures.

2. Describe engaging industrial contacts, and be able to discuss violations and complaints with industrial representatives.

3. Describe installing and monitoring field sensors to measure constituents in industrial wastestreams. 

4. Describe pollutants, sources, and effects of stormwater in industrial environments.

5. Describe operational and structural source control BMPs for stormwater management in industrial environments, and outline treatment BMP details.

6. Describe a sampling program, its sampling plan, goals, and techniques; explain the preparation process for collecting field samples at pretreatment sites and in the collection system; explain documenting sample collection and transportation procedures.

7. Describe the collecting, labeling, preserving, and transporting samples to a laboratory for analysis, and describe the sample analysis in the field using field test kits.

8. Explain tracing an illegal discharge through a collection system to the source.

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