Research Team Bios

Caitlyn Leo
Research Engineer
Caitlyn Leo
  • MS, Chemical Engineering, University of Arizona, 2020
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, Tufts University, 2018
  • Email:

Research Engineer, Office of Water Programs, California State University, Sacramento,
  • Provides technical assistance for the selection of water treatment technologies and evaluation of their sustainability
  • Conducts literature reviews and provides technical assistance for aquatic toxicity related projects
  • Assists in the development of sewer system models to predict impacts of climate change
Researcher, University of Arizona Indigenous Food, Energy, and Water Systems Research Group 2018–2020
  • Developed and executed study plans investigating the use of algae for bioremediation of arsenic, uranium, and PFAS
  • Contributed to development of off-grid, integrated food, energy, and water systems
Professional Interests: Environmental data analysis, climate change, bioremediation,
low impact development