OWP research staff expertise includes design, operation, maintenance, and performance testing of treatment BMPs, characterization of stormwater discharges, development and implementation of stormwater monitoring protocols and guidance, and overall stormwater management program assistance.

The following categories summarize our staff's services. We have cited many projects that exemplify our experience for such services. Please note that it is not OWP's intent to take full credit for the cited projects; most projects consisted of collaboration between state agencies, other universities, and private consultants, as well as OWP research staff. OWP's involvement included primarily review and consultation services for project planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, monitoring, data assessment, and reporting, while the brunt of such activities was provided by the great minds (and muscles) of our affiliates.

CASQA Annual Conference Workshops
OWP research staff have provided training presentations regarding the following topics during workshops for the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) Annual Conferences:

Stormwater 101, The Basics: Environmental Impacts

OWP Contacts: Brian Currier

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