OWP research staff provide various types of training for the wastewater treatment industry.

USEPA's & CA SWRCB's Metal Plating Industry Pollution Prevention Training Manual
The metal plating industry can generate significant wastestreams containing heavy metals that are discharged to municipal sewers. Municipal pretreatment inspectors are charged with the responsibility to monitor metals discharges from plating shops and to enforce permit provisions. This project involved developing training to address pollution prevention techniques in the metal plating industry for pretreatment inspectors. By educating inspectors, who would pass the information on to metal plating shop owners, the funding regulators hoped to reduce metals discharges.

OWP Tasks
  • Researched Pollution Prevention Techniques in the Metal Plating Industry
  • Developed Training Manual and Training Session Presentation Slides
  • Conducted Training Sessions throughout California
Report/Study Link: Pollution Prevention Training for Pretreatment Inspectors
OWP Contacts: Kevin Murphy