Construction Log: August 25, 2015

Construction of the bioretention planters and bioswales in Parking Lots 7 and 10 is complete, and the vegetation is being established. A variety of plant types, combinations, and arrangements were selected to provide visual appeal and showcase multiple options for drought-tolerant species. Parking Lot 7 remains closed temporarily while lightposts are reinstalled.

Subsurface materials have been placed in the rain gardens along College Town Drive, and topsoil placement, planting, and curb cuts will be completed this week.

The Jed Smith Drive rain gardens were excavated and the underdrains, compost amended soils, and irrigation lines are in place. Pedestrian pathways were paved the week of August 17, 2015, and the pervious pavement for the new parallel parking stalls was placed this week of August 24, 2015. Planting will take place during the last week of August or the first week of September, without impeding vehicular or pedestrian traffic. The road will open before classes resume on August 31.

The installation of rain gardens and pervious pavement infrastructure for the Library Green, Calaveras Hall, and Campus Grove (River Front Center) area are progressing, with completion targeted for a few weeks out.

Various construction activities may halt for the first few weeks of classes, but will resume shortly after so that all installations will be completed by fall 2015.

Parking Lot 7 North

Lot 7 North planting in progressLot 7 North plants establishedLot 7 North planting in progress

Parking Lot 7 South

Lot 7 South plants deliveredLot 7 South plants deliveredLot 7 South plants established

Jed Smith Drive (Green Street)

Jed Smith Drive curbs pouredJed Smith Drive porous pavement up closeJed Smith Drive installing porous pavement

Library Green

Library Green inspectionLibrary Green drains installedLibrary Green drain inspection

Calaveras Hall

Calaveras Hall concrete pourCalaveras Hall drainsCalaveras Hall detention basin

Campus Grove

Campus Grove concrete completeCampus Grove taking GPS coordinatesCampus Grove finished curbs

College Town Drive

College Town Drive subsurface materialsCollege Town Drive subsurface materialsCollege Town Drive subsurface materials

Parking Lot 10

Parking Lot 10 plants establishedParking Lot 10 plants establishedParking Lot 10 plants established