Education and Outreach

Campus LID Mobile Tour

Mobile device with LID tourThis part of the project aimed to provide an opportunity for the public and stormwater professionals to see examples of how existing parking lots and streets can be retrofitted to include LID BMPs. Although retrofitting an existing urban space with new drainage systems presents many challenges, it also offers opportunities for improving the landscape. This tour lets you see these elements in a real-world setting.

You can take the Sac State Campus LID tour virtually or in person with your mobile device. The tour takes you from one LID location to the next, using your device's GPS location. You can start the tour and find out about each LID device here:

LID Site Signage Installations

Library Green SignStarting in late September, OWP began installing interpretive signage for all of the Campus LID sites. All of the LID sites have interpretive signs installed. These signs explain what type of LID device has been installed at each site, provide illustrations of the devices, and describe how the devices work. All of the LID sites have interretive signs installed. View the PDF containing all of the LID sites.

LID Outreach Brochures

LIDconference signAs part of our outreach efforts, our team designed brochures to help promote and provide a means to deliver general information about the Campus LID Project at Sac State. These brochures were available at several conferences and seminars focusing on stormwater issues and Low Impact Development. The Sac State campus LID brochure is now available for download.

2015 Sacramento Regional LID Conference

LID brochure thumbnailOn November 4, 2015 the American Basin Council of Watersheds and OWP hosted the Fifth Annual Low Impact Development Conference at California State University, Sacramento's Alumni Center. The conference titled, LID—from Regulations through Compliance to Implementation, offered a forum to increase the effectiveness of local LID practices by stimulating dialogue among developers, engineers, planners, regulators, and local governments.

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  • 2015 California Higher Education Sustainability Conference
  • 2015 Stormwater Awareness Week
  • 2016 CASQA Conference
  • 2016 CSU Facilities Management Conference
  • 2016 Sacramento State STEM Lecture Series