Construction Log: September 25, 2015

The bioretention planters in Lots 7 and 10 and rain gardens along College Town Drive are complete, including vegetative cover, however extreme heat took its toll on several plants. Typically, planting is not done during Sacramento's hottest months, but project time constraints made it necessary. It was hoped that the irrigation system would aid in successful vegetation establishment. Lesson learned: the landscaping contractor will return in October to replace the dying plants.

The Jed Smith Green Street is complete and the vegetation in its rain gardens appear lush and thriving thanks to shade from the heritage trees and better planting practices. Parallel parking along the porous pavement seems popular (say that five times fast). However, Sac State decided to temporarily discontinue parking along the east side due to perceived traffic safety concerns. Although the parking and drive aisle widths were designed for the needed level of service, the widths are narrow in relation to the large vehicles, such as shuttle buses and delivery trucks, that use the route. Solutions are being developed.

The rain gardens and pervious pavement infrastructure for the Library Green, Calaveras Hall, and Campus Grove (River Front Center) are complete. The landscaping contractor will be returning soon to place amended soils, vegetation, and mulch, and to finish pedestrian access points.

Parking Lot 7 North

Lot 7 North planting in progressLot 7 North plants establishedLot 7 North planting in progress

Parking Lot 7 South

Lot 7 South plants establishedLot 7 South plants deliveredLot 7 South plants established

Jed Smith Drive (Green Street)

Jed Smith rain gardenJed Smith Drive plants establishedJed Smith Drive lt=

Library Green

Library Green inspectionLibrary Green drains installedLibrary Green plants established

Calaveras Hall

Calaveras Hall porous pavementCalaveras Hall drainsCalaveras Hall detention basin with porous pavement

Campus Grove

Campus Grove concrete completeCampus Grove taking GPS coordinatesCampus Grove finished curbs

College Town Drive

College Town Drive subsurface materialsCollege Town Drive subsurface materialsCollege Town Drive subsurface materials

Parking Lot 10

Parking Lot 10 plants established, some are dyingParking Lot 10 plants established and some deadParking Lot 10 plants established and some dead