Drain Inlet Inserts

Drain inlet inserts, also known as catch basin or curb inlet inserts, are used to remove stormwater pollutants at the point of entry to the storm drain system. These devices come in several configurations such as baffle boxes, boxes/baskets, fabric, media filters, and screens. The key treatment processes include screening, filtration, and sedimentation. The primary constituents removed are total suspended solids (TSS) and litter.

California Integrated Waste Management Board (IWMB) Pilot Study
CIWMB sponsored a study to estimate the ability of drain inlet insert filters to remove motor oil from stormwater runoff. This laboratory evaluation compared the effectiveness of four drain inlet inserts. The effectiveness was estimated for two types of conditions: (1) spills or dumping during dry weather; and (2) low-level concentrations of oil, which are more typical for stormwater runoff.

OWP Tasks
  • Developed the Study Plan
  • Designed Monitoring Systems
  • Conducted Laboratory Experiments
  • Conducted Data Analysis
  • Prepared Final Report
Report/Study Link: California IWMB Pilot Study
OWP Contacts: Brian Currier