Data Evaluation and Statistical Analysis

(including model development)

OWP research staff provide assistance with assessing the performance of various aspects of wastewater treatment operations. Specific activities have included model development and data evaluation, including statistical analysis.

OWP Struvite Tool Development
Struvite scale forms in wastewater digestion and post-digestion processes, often fouling equipment and obstructing pipes. Some facilities expend significant maintenance resources removing struvite accumulation, and some facilities attempt to control struvite formation. Design decisions and operation and maintenance strategies for wastewater treatment facilities are affected by struvite scale potential. OWP developed a computer model, the Struvite Tool, to calculate the struvite precipitation potential for a facility based on water quality parameters input by the user. The tool also allows the user to vary input parameters to determine "what if" scenarios when conditions are changed to control struvite precipitation.

OWP Tasks
  • Conducted Literature Review to Identify Thermodynamic Constants
  • Developed Struvite Equilibrium Chemistry Modeling Equations
  • Developed Computer Model Using Damped Newton's Method
  • Coded Computer Model Using VBA in Excel
  • Calibrated and Verified Model Using MINEQL+ and Field Data
  • Developed Commercially Available Struvite Tool Model
Report/Study Link: OWP Contacts: Kevin Murphy
Heavy Metals Removal Using Coagulation and Flocculation
Wastewater treatment plants are subject to effluent discharge limitations on heavy metals. Conventional wastewater treatment processes are not effective in removing heavy metals from wastewater, which can result in discharge violations if metals enter the wastestream. This study included conducting coagulation and flocculation tests to assess the effectiveness of metals removal.

OWP Tasks
  • Assisted in Study Planning
  • Assisted with Data Assessment
  • Assisted with Report Development
Report/Study Link: Heavy Metals Removal Using Coagulation and Flocculation

OWP Contacts: Kevin Murphy