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Interested in becoming a QSD and QSP? Here is what you should know before you begin:

  • You must attend an in-person training before you register for an exam.
  • The registration fee for exams is $125. This covers both the QSP and the QSD exam.
  • If you fail the QSP exam, no certificates will be awarded.
  • If you pass the QSP exam but fail the QSD exam, you will be awarded a QSP certificate.
  • If you fail one exam, you are allowed one retake for a $67 fee. If you need to retake both exams, you only pay one $67 fee.
  • If you fail an exam twice, you will need to attend another in-person training before you are eligible to re-register for exams. The re-registration fee is $125.
Follow these steps to complete the process:
  1. Take a training course
  2. Sign In or Create Account with OWP
    • Upon login, click ‘Stormwater Certificates’
    • Stomwater Certificates link

    • Click ‘CGP QSD and QSP’
    • CGP QSD and QSP

  3. Provide information on your underlying certification.
  4. Read the CGP Review
  5. Take and pass the QSP and/or QSD exam
CGP Review and SWRCB Guidance

CGP Review
Issue 5 (2020 update)
Issue 4 (2018 update)
Issue 3 (2016 update)
Issue 2 (2014 update)
Issue 1 (2012 update)

SWRCB Guidance
New guidance on calculating the Rainfall Erosivity (R) Factor

Active Treatment Systems

Operator Training Standards for Active Treatment Systems: Topics, Procedures, and Trainer Qualifications

Public Lookup Tool

CASQA QSD and QSP Lookup

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Report a QSD/QSP problem to the SWRCB.