Construction General Permit


Interested in becoming a QSD and QSP? Here is what you should know before you begin:

  • The Construction General Permit requires an underlying certification or registration as a prerequisite to becoming a QSP or QSD. A chart of acceptable certifications can be found on the State Water Board's website. You can take the QSP and QSD exams prior to obtaining the underlying certification, but you will not be awarded a QSP or QSD certificate until you have the underlying certification.
  • You must attend an in-person training before you register for an exam.
  • The registration fee for exams is $155. This covers both the QSP and the QSD exam.
  • If you fail the QSP exam, no certificates will be awarded.
  • If you pass the QSP exam but fail the QSD exam, you will be awarded a QSP certificate.
  • If you fail one exam, you are allowed one retake for a $72 fee. If you need to retake both exams, you only pay one $72 fee.
  • If you fail an exam twice, you will need to attend another in-person training before you are eligible to re-register for exams. The re-registration fee is $155.
  • You must complete the 2022 CGP Reissuance review before you will be awarded your certificate. The review can be completed before or after you register. It consists of five videos and five quizzes that cover additions and changes made to the CGP when it was reissued in 2022.
Follow these steps to complete the process:
  1. Take a training course
  2. Sign In or Create Account with OWP
    • Upon login, click ‘Stormwater Certificates’
    • Stomwater Certificates link

    • Click ‘CGP QSD and QSP’
    • CGP QSD and QSP

  3. Provide information on your underlying certification.
  4. Read the CGP Review
  5. Take and pass the QSP and/or QSD exam
  6. Complete the 2022 CGP Reissuance review
CGP Review and SWRCB Guidance

CGP Review
Issue 5 (2020 update)
Issue 4 (2018 update)
Issue 3 (2016 update)
Issue 2 (2014 update)
Issue 1 (2012 update)

SWRCB Guidance
New guidance on calculating the Rainfall Erosivity (R) Factor

Active Treatment Systems

Operator Training Standards for Active Treatment Systems: Topics, Procedures, and Trainer Qualifications

Public Lookup Tool

CASQA QSD and QSP Lookup

Only one of name, certificate number, or zip code is required for search.


Report a QSD/QSP problem to the SWRCB.