BMP Verification

(including design, operation, maintenance, and performance testing)
OWP research staff have provided assistance with assessing the performance of BMPs. This includes developing and reviewing designs, overseeing construction, operation, and maintenance, and evaluating monitoring programs and data.

Experience: Source Control BMPs
Source Control BMPs prevent pollution of stormwater runoff by minimizing contact between runoff and pollutants, and include land use or site planning practices or devices.

Experience: Low Impact Development BMPs
Low Impact Development is a comprehensive planning and design approach that involves infiltrating, filtering, storing, evaporating, and detaining runoff close to its source in an attempt to mimic pre-development hydrology and essentially reduce detrimental impacts of development runoff on the surrounding watershed.

Experience: Treatment BMPs
Treatment BMPs are an end-of-the-pipe solution for addressing the impacts of stormwater runoff. These BMPs are designed and operated to reduce flows or remove pollutants associated with stormwater runoff.

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