General Capabilities | Mission
In 1997, OWP began providing technical expertise and research management services for water and wastewater treatment, stormwater policy, and watershed planning issues. OWP research engineers and scientists
  • provide guidelines for treatment and erosion control BMP testing and implementation
  • provide assessments for improving water and wastewater treatment processes
  • manage investigations to develop and test the most effective and economical methods for controlling stormwater quality
  • oversee and conduct water quality monitoring
  • perform modeling, data analysis, and cost assessments

Program Management Assistance
BMP Verification (including design, operation, maintenance, and performance testing)
Low Impact Development
Study Planning (including scoping, design, and site selection)
Data Evaluation and Statistical Analysis (including model development)
Feasibility Studies (including cost-benefit analysis)
Monitoring Protocols (including development and implementation)
Toxicity Testing